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Kup kup sound
« on: April 11, 2016, 11:47:44 PM »
Hi guys, i am facing 2 problem with my car for sometime..

1. langgar bumper, kup kup sound which i read in the forum suspecting a list of items to check. I have replaced my engine mounting, ball joint, lower arm, front abs but dont seem solve the problem. Left with link stabilizer and tie end rod i haven't try. any skillful pomen in KL or PJ area to identify the issue?
2. second issue, when car is not moving, i hear tark-tark sound. the sound even more obvious when i turn on aircon or turn my steering to the max. any similar issue face by forummers here? i would like to identify and resolve it once n for all. the sound quite annoying.

hopefully sifu sifu here can give some advice
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